Get Ready To Connect The Dots Like Never Before! Play Our Multiplayer Cooperative Game Across Multiple Screens And See How Many Colors Dots You Can Connect Without Any Overlap. With Increasing Levels of Difficulty And Urgency, This Game Is Guaranteed To Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat!


Can You Outsmart The Lasers? Experience Our High-Tech Laser Game And Turn Off Lighted Panels While Dodging Lasers. With Varying Levels Of Difficulty And Complex Patterns, This Game Will Test Your Strategic Thinking, Spatial Reasoning, And Problem-Solving Skills!


Get Ready To Rock Our Music Memory Game! Listen To A Sequence Of Notes, Then Show Off Your Skills By Reproducing Them On Our Custom Sensor Panels. With More Challenging Musical Sequences And Increasing Numbers Of Notes, This Game Will Put Your Memory, Listening, And Motor Skills To The Test!


Crack Number Sequences At Lightning Speed In A Fun And Challenging Team Game. Beware Of Tricky Fading Colors And Numbers That Require Quick Calculation. Put Your Problem-Solving, Communication, Teamwork, And Quick Thinking Skills To The Test!


Get Your Team Together To Defuse The Bomb In Our Final Bomb Room! Solve Circuit Puzzles, Connect Wires, And Stop The Circuit Using IoT Sensors Before Time Runs Out. Communication, Teamwork, And Quick Thinking Skills Are Essential To Succeed In This Immersive Experience.